Bottoms Up!

It’s no secret that men have held a fascination with women’s bottoms since time immemorial. I’ve pondered over this fascination for many hours over time, and have always been torn attempting to relate to the attraction – male or female, yet now finally I think I understand it.

It’s primitive. A woman’s curves are the most beautiful on earth, but the bottom in particular holds a special place, apart from the obvious curves. It’s animalistic. A rounded bottom is beautiful, yet there is something innately primal about the attraction. The vast majority of the animal kingdom won’t tell you differently.

In my perusal of late 19th century and early 20th century erotic photography, it’s quite apparent a womanly behind has always been a very desirable trait. It’s no surprise if you think about it, but if you really ponder it, we’re talking about our great-grandparents. Nevermind beyond that sphere.

Ok, before I ruin this for everyone, here are some rather fetching photographic records I’ve come across which illustrate the long-held desire for the female buttocks:


This is probably the most modern pose you will encounter here. Not just pose, but body and apparent freedom of expression…. as uncomfortable as she looks. It’s here that I see the attraction of the female bottom. It’s a beautiful photo.


This photo I find a little disturbing, even though it is of its time [I’m guessing late 19th century]. The reason being that her waist looks so unnaturally pinched, and probably that is due to wearing corsets long term. Of course, the photograph and her figure is lovely, but there is something wrong…


This looks far more natural, albeit probably quite unattractive to most men in the present day. My, how times have changed, although despite what the media would have you believe, I would venture to say most women still look like this…


Something is wrong with this photo. Have you noticed? From what I understand, airbrushing [of sorts] of photographs was around from almost the time photography was invented. Often, women’s private parts were airbrushed out of photos even when they were clearly nude and the photos were meant for erotic purpsoses. Strange, I know. Her back from her shoulders down to where her buttocks should begin looks quite unnatural. They did a pretty good job of blending. It makes you wonder what other skills they had…

Either way, what pleases me most is that no matter the photographic adjustment, these women look like women…. in a way that so many women don’t these days.


~ by at her discretion on February 8, 2008.

10 Responses to “Bottoms Up!”

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  2. Now there is a resume booster bound to pause; photo re-toucher for French postcard manufacturer.

  3. Wouldn’t be such a bad way to pass the time… :)

  4. May I suggest that not all men have lost the appreciation of real women’s shapes. I personally prefer the above example of “what most women look like” and find it far more attractive than the pinched waists above or to todays anorexic examples in magazines, enhanced, starved and waxed until most traces of real life are hard to find. Natural shapes (including bottoms) are divine.

  5. Ooh, bottoms! Be careful you don’t get blackballed again. ;)

    I love the top picture! Innocent, yet at the same time beautifully seductive.

    I’d hate to think how restricting and uncomfortable long term corset wearing must have been, if it could change the body shape that much. On the whole though these images are a lot healthier than the emaciated standard we have today.

  6. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I like this blog.

  7. Apparently, our great-great-grandfathers liked big butts and they could not lie.

  8. Tony – Well, of course not all men have been poisoned by today’s media standards when it comes to women. It’s just a shame that it seems to be the majority who have been… but I don’t waste my time with them. :) Natural shapes are divine, indeed.

    AWTF – Haha, I did consider that I might be in trouble for this one, but they let me off with the others… I walk a find line.. ;) I agree with you on the first picture. Quite beautiful. I dread to think about corsets… I can’t believe they were the norm for so long.

    D-BB – Hah. A man of taste, you are. :)

    D – Hehe. Hopefully it was passed down in the genes…

  9. I’ve always showed my toff to anyone who cared to look. We go (all the way) girls!

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