For Adults Only *wink, wink*

Porn. It’s been around for centuries. We’ve all seen it, and most of us have enjoyed it in one form or another, although the line is often blurred between what is classed as porn and what is classed as erotica, or soft porn. No matter how you look at it, or what your preferences are, we all know when porn, is porn.

Porn is such an ugly word, don’t you think? A distinction between the more artistic sounding “erotica” and hardcore porn is inevitable, although personally, I think there’s a place for both, no matter how blurry the line.

Hardcore porn from the 1950’s to 1980’s makes me giggle. I think it’s a combination of changing fashions in hair – both upstairs and downstairs, the ridiculous modesty that often “came” into play, especially seeing as these was absolutely no question as to what you were watching, and also the quaint and often very cheesy titles and posters of erotica from decades gone by.

Speaking of which, here are a few of my favourites. None of which I’ve ever actually seen, but you have to admit they’re fun…


Where do I start? In “throbbing” color, seems like as good a place as any. I suppose you could say hot pink is a bit “throbby” – at least on the eyes. And I think the title says it all. Who, or more to the point, what do we have here? I see a goat, what looks like a very hairy sheik and Dr Phil, amongst many. Wait, Dr Phil? What have we happened upon here? Does his wife know about this? Odd tastes, indeed.


Well, I just don’t know what to tell you about this. Is this some kind of necrophiliac fetish film? The more I look at it, the more it disturbs me. I think that guy is actually supposed to be a corpse. And here I was thinking at first glance that they were a highly sexed couple on holiday somewhere in Europe. Ergh. Moving right along…


Funny that I was just listening to a rather well known band of the same name. I think I remember reading somewhere that Mudhoney got their name from a movie. “You will go away……whispering!” Something I always look for in a film.


What… what? BEYOND booze? So, does this mean that people only “sin” and nymphomaniacs are only active when they’re drunk? Hmm. Well, obviously NOT, according to this film. And how shocking that is.

I’m well aware of the cheesiness of current day porn cover art, but wouldn’t it be fun if there was a trend towards the innocence of old… and I use the word “innocence” very loosely. *wink*

More to “come” in this series…

Here endeth the overt use of inverted commas.


~ by at her discretion on January 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “For Adults Only *wink, wink*”

  1. Don’t Just Lay There made me laugh. The tagline is so lame, but it’s funny. I love porno films that have a plot with them.

  2. Oh, I thought the same thing about Don’t Just Lay There on first glance, until I realised that she appears to be trying to have sex with a corpse. Gives it a whole new level of “funny”….

    Porno plots are hilarious.

  3. The titles crack me up. Also, the taglines are a riot. They’re completely cheating by using the word “throbbing” in that context. Although you might be able to justify it with some imagination, it’s kind of stretch. They might as well say that it’s shot on “sweat-dripping film” or that it features “orgasmic surroundsound”.

    Knowing your love of kitsch, have you ever heard of a porno musical? I haven’t, I’m just wondering if that exists, because as I was looking at these posters, I wondered to myself if it were possible for them to become EVEN cheesier… surely, no.

    An absolutely brilliant conversation about the “porn” vs. “erotica” debate can be found HERE. I know you’re probably anxious anticipating the day when I shut the hell up about Alan Moore, but he’s genius and any peek inside his mind is fascinating. I’m not sure if you saw that link when I originally posted in on my tumblr, but there it is if you missed it.

  4. That was a very interesting interview… and you can talk about Alan Moore all you like. ;) The “porn” vs “erotica” line is such a fuzzy one, and I enjoyed what he had to say about it. Lost Girls looks like an interesting read, too.

    As for porno musicals, I’m sure there has been one.. it really does ring a bell, but I haven’t seen it. The first porno I ever saw was a remake of Cinderella in the 80’s. Utterly ridiculous, yet curiously arousing in parts…

  5. Marsha Jordan, the Queen of sexploitation…so non-erotic, but what a force of nature on screen!
    And anything claiming to leave a taste of evil in my mouth will always get a seat at my table. Russ Meyer made the world of grit and grime a much better place just by being obsessed. And I’m grateful for it.

  6. Agreed on all points. Especially on the Russ Meyer appreciation front. I only own two of his films, but they are two that take pride of place in my collection. Viva la sexploitation!

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