A Fine Romance

No matter how jaded or cynical you are about love – and don’t hide, I know there a zillion of you out there – you can’t not love some good, old fashioned romance.

These photos make me smile, not only because I am in love, but also because they hark back to a more innocent time, with women in pretty frocks and men with undying ardour.

Let’s renew our faith in love with some lovely pictures of hands on hearts:


No, he isn’t reaching for a murder weapon, he is professing his undying love. Stop that, right now. I heard you.

I love the “lean in”. There are so many photos of this vintage featuring variations on this pose.


Despite the fact that you could say she is the original inspiration for Dr Evil, of Austin Powers fame, I think her pose is quite comely and coy. And NO, he’s not having a heart attack. He’s IN LOVE. With her breasts, apparently.


“Here, darling. Just one step and you will walk again.” Am I appearing cynical? No, I just can’t help but see a story in a picture. Again we have a lovely example of the “lean in”. Gorgeous. I wonder what he is saying?


And here we have the ultimate lean-in. A lovely little chaise is just made for this kind of pose, don’t you think?

I think they look happy and definitely up for a bit of nookie. Despite how long they must have been holding that pose…

Allow me my delusions.


~ by at her discretion on January 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Fine Romance”

  1. I love all of these. :) I love your commentary, which is sweet and funny at the same time.

    These pictures are undeniably heartwarming, especially the last one.

    This is a beautiful theme for a blog entry and easily my favorite so far. Thank you. :)

  2. D~ As always you are so very welcome… I’m so glad you loved it. I love it, too. You made me smile. :)

  3. Gorgeous pics and a lovely theme, m’dear. I sometimes wish there were more gentlemen about these days…

  4. Maybe the guy in the second picture is after the lady’s pinky finger? The pinky finger sure is sexy.

  5. AWT – Cheers, love. I’m glad you likey. I’m with you on the gentlemen thing. That said, I did manage to find one of the last of the species, but I failed sharing in Kindy, so you can’t have any. ;)

    Wendy – Despite the alluring quality of the lady’s pinky finger, I am quite sure he is casting a sidelong glance at her tits, to put it delicately. Men just can’t help themselves, y’know…

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