Secret Women’s Business

These truly vintage photos make me happy. I’m not sure if it’s the comely poses, or the black and white photography, the sets, or the fact the women actually look like women. I just like them. A lot. I love these photos.

We bathe. Women bathe. Is that a surprise? I’d hope not. Beautiful photographs, all…


There appears to be no water in her rather shallow bath, but do we really care? I don’t think she does.


I do try not to think of my grandparents, or even great-grandparents when I look at these photographs, but even if I do, it gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, there was something going on that they didn’t tell us about.


I was thinking for a moment that I would love to have someone dry me off. Male or female. A nice fantasy, perhaps? In truth, I think I’d rather not. Except for when I did….


Here is where things become terribly decadent. Oh, to have such servitude. I love it.

Note: I wrote to WordPress about the fact I had been blackballed by them and implored them to come up with another solution to people reporting you as “mature” content. I received a lovely email back indicating they’re in the process of doing exactly that. I was also told that my blog had been taken off “mature”, but I’ve seen no evidence of that yet. Time will tel and all that. I may write back…


~ by at her discretion on December 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Secret Women’s Business”

  1. Hello, lady, want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Ah, cheers love. The very same to you! Sorry I’m a bit late in replying. I’ve been away from WP for a wee while, so it’s more like Happy New Year, dear ;) xx

  3. I say: get back to WordPress if you have any concerns. Also, those pictures do in fact reveal parts of the past hidden away. I’m always amazed at your ability to find them.

    And doesn’t Grammy look like a million bucks stepping out of the bath? Why, if she wasn’t my mom’s mom, I’d enjoy these photos EVEN MORE.

  4. Oh, and Happy New Year now!

  5. D – Yes, I will have to write back to WordPress. I’m still out of the loop as far as I can see.

    That point you make about parts of the past hidden away is spot on, and exactly what it is that fascinates me about these photos.

    I think I’ll choose to ignore your last comment. Ahem. ;)

    Stil – Cheers! And the very same to you :)

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