The Hat’s Have It

Today I feel inspired by headwear.

I can not be entirely sure, but at least the first two subjects of these photos are girls from the Ziegfeld Follies. I’ll be posting more on them later, but for now I couldn’t resist having a wee giggle at some of the more spectacular headwear on offer from times past.

Vegas showgirls have got nothing on this. Utterly glorious.


This picture could almost be titillating, if one’s eyes weren’t so completely distracted by the sheepskin car cover/flying nun habit on this lovely lady’s head. It’s no wonder she looks so miserable, being strangled by that…. contraption.


I seem to remember my parents having a cane chair not dissimilar to this in the ’70’s. Minus the feathers, of course, but ti’s still an uncanny likeness. I can’t help but wish she was standing up, with those lovely flared trousers.


What can I say? So wonderful. Oh, she has boobs? I was so taken with the ridiculous and slightly wonky nature of her head dress, and the look on her face which says, “Hurry up and take the photo and let me out of this stupid outfit or I WILL KILL YOU”. At a guess, I would say she is representing an ancient pagan mythic character. If she isn’t, I have nothing.


And here we have the winner from the 1950-something Las Floristas Headdress Ball. I am so impressed that this headdress is as tall as the woman wearing it, and not only that, but it features something resembling a mummy…. or is it an Oscar statue? And are those flames real? Probably not…

Either way, simply wonderful.


~ by at her discretion on November 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Hat’s Have It”

  1. Incredible. The hats get weirder with each one. That last hat must weigh as much as she does. I have no idea how her neck can even support that massive hood ornament.

    These are some of the most absurd and funny pics yet. Good call. :)

  2. Cheers, darlin’. :) I’m so glad you enjoyed. To me, this was one of the most obvious themes to use, but I forget that most people haven’t seen the same pictures I have.

    Hood ornament. Hah! Good call. ;)

  3. A little off topic perhaps, and a bit of a strange query, but I am just looking for a bit extra information on the manufacture of Uggs boots. Does anyone know what breed of sheep they are made from? And are real UGG boots constructed with the same type as the many imitations?

  4. What makes those headdress’s unique is that the weight is NOT carried on the head and neck as you might think. What you don’t see is a metal back brace and frame that actually sits on the model’s hips area. The weight is actually carried there. The other thing that makes them unique is that there is a maximum weight limit…….with frame, flowers, tubing, structure, all the combined materials can weight no more than 30 pounds maximum.

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